The conventional path was never a fit for me. Some might say that I have taken the long road. Although bumpy at times, I must say it has been, and continues to be…an incredible journey.

I began my learning in the traditonal way, receiving a degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. It felt like a formality, my graduation, like getting to fill a check box in the book of life. I had done the work because I was supposed to…not because it was fulfilling.

I was hungry to explore the mysteries of the body-mind connection, the healing arts, and the relationship between stress and pain.

In 2003, my heart led me to massage school and my initiation began. Massage school was a window into the deeper healing journey that I was meant to take, both for myself and my clients.

I have spent the last two decades immersed in the study and practice of the intuitive and healing arts, developing my coaching skills and exploring the mysteries of feminine wisdom traditions. I actively weave all of these elements together in order to co-create a customized and integrative experience with each of my clients.


Melissa Kelley is a certified BodyMind Coach and a Certified Sacred Depths Coach. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has trained exstensively in biodynamic embodiment practices.

Melissa is the creator and founder of Sacred She™, an integrative coaching & consulting practice commited to serving conscious, creative women on a mission to build a soulful and sustainable business.